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The Amelia Parker Story

At  age   9,   Amelia,   the   daughter   of   a   marine   biologist   and   cellist,   moved   with   her   family   from   London   to   Grand   Cayman   Island     home   of   the   protected   green   sea   turtles,   which   would   later   form   the   iconic   feature   of   her   collections.    Her   mother,   an   oceanographer,   assigned   to   a   sea   turtle   research   mission,   introduced   the   spirited   Amelia   to   diving   at   the   early   age   of   ten,   and   by   fifteen   she   was   deep-sea   exploring   every   minute   she   could    get.   With   an   unwavering   passion   for   drawing,   throughout   her   formative   years,   Amelia   surrounded   herself   with   her   mother’s   scientific   marine   books,   and   as   her   bold   artistic   representations   of   exquisite   coral   jewels   and   exotic   wildlife   became   more   elaborate,   the   stories   and   visions   of   her   collections   began   to   unfold.    In   2014,   Amelia   returned   to   London   to   pursue   her   dream   of   becoming   a   fashion   designer,   and   now,   her   stunning   revelations   of   the   Carribean   are   being   brought   to   life.    

“ I   want   my   collections   to   speak   to   the   women   who   wear   them     to   always   remind   them   that   just   like   the   deep   blue,   our   lives   are   limitless,   boundless   and   forever   full   of   beautiful   adventures .   ”    

  Amelia   Parker   collections   are   designed   and   handcrafted,   with   thought,   courage,   and   pride.

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